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Urbane is all about attitude.  We’re not a brand that defines women by age, body type or job title. We’re about nurses and healthcare professionals feeling confident and strong—all day long. That’s why we’ve designed our scrubs with the style-conscious, empowered woman in mind.

Fresh styles never get in the way of function. Urbane is distinctively designed with the special features you love—flattering details, pockets to spare—all in a full spectrum of colors.

Our original crossover top is an oft-copied classic. And while Urbane offers something for everyone, each and every style celebrates the individuality of the woman wearing it.     Be an original. Be uniquely u.
Urbane Essentials...
Urbane 9534 details Urbane 9534
27½" Crossover
Urbane 9535 details Urbane 9535
Long Sleeve Tee
Urbane 3109 details Urbane 3109
29" Zip LabCoat
Urbane 9607 details Urbane 9607
31" Button LabCoat
Urbane 9502 details Urbane 9502
Relaxed Drawstring
Urbane 9704 details Urbane 9704
Work-It Pant

Urbane Performance...
Urbane 9015 details Performance 9015
Motivate V-neck
Urbane 9014 details Performance 9014
Propel Surplice Top
Urbane 9042 details Performance 9042
Renew Rib Front
Urbane 9037 details Performance 9037
Crossover V-neck
Urbane 9033 details Performance 9033
Long Sleeve Tee
Urbane 9872 details Performance 9872
P-Tech Warm-up
Urbane 9312 details Performance 9312
Endurance Cargo
Urbane 9314 details Performance 9314
Momentum Cargo
Urbane 9317 details Performance 9317
Convertible Pant

Urbane Ultimate...
Urbane 9550 details Ultimate 9550
Sweetheart Neck
Urbane 9577 details Ultimate 9577
Crossover Tunic
Urbane 9576 details Ultimate 9576
Double V-neck
Urbane 9044 details Ultimate 9044
Classic V-neck
Urbane 9038 details Ultimate 9038
Mock Wrap Top
Urbane 9034 details Ultimate 9034
Snap-front Jacket
Urbane 9407 details Ultimate 9407
Mandi Crossover
Urbane 9300 details Ultimate 9300
Bailey Cargo
Urbane 9306 details Ultimate 9306
Elastic Waist
Urbane 9313 details Ultimate 9313
Tapered Bailey
Urbane 9318 details Ultimate 9318
Knee Patch Pant
Urbane 9870 details Ultimate 9870
Crew-neck Jacket
Urbane 9871 details Ultimate 9871
Button Jacket